5 Painting Tips You Must Know

5 Painting Tips You Must Know


You’re familiar with the “Man Cave”? Well, after this week of painting I have the “Laundry Cave”.  

Choosing paint colors without an Interior Designer can be a stressful experience and it can be difficult to avoid painting mistakes that you may have to live with. We all want the latest trends in color and design, so my first choice is to call one of the talented team members at Interiors by Agostino’s in Naples. But sometimes real life goes more like this…

Dinner time, the night before: My husband tells me that he has a paint contractor coming over to give us a QUOTE on some maintenance around the house and also on painting our newly renovated laundry room.  I am thrilled because the laundry room was completed last October. The next day, 8:15 am, said contractor announces, ”Go pick out the paint and I will start today.” No, this really happened! 

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I run right over to Sherwin Williams to pick out my colors for my laundry room. Now, I already have an idea of what I want it to look like. I have four kids and my laundry room doubles as our mud room. I want one wall covered in chalkboard paint. Ok. Done. 2 paint stores later I have chalkboard paint checked off my list. Now, for the rest of the walls I want that popular gray color with an undertone of lavender,….which brings me to my first paint tip:

Tip #1 When choosing paint DO NOT rely on paint store lighting. 

Interiors by Agostino's - Design Tips, Naples, Fl

Lighting is unique to every space. How many windows there are, what kind of flooring, how many and what type of lamps and bulbs make a big difference. TRUST ME! The color of a paint on a wall will also change throughout the day depending on natural lighting.

What do I do? I was in such a hurry, I ignore Tip #2 and bring home a beautiful paint color chosen from the swatch at the paint store. What could go wrong?! 

TIP #2 Always buy a small can from the paint store and apply at least a 12×12 inch spot on the wall. (all paint stores do this, just ask)


TIP #3 Be Patient. Let it dry.

So, the painter and I slap a little on one wall… meh, but I have no time to hem and haw over it. The painter is here, the room is prepped and ready to go. I give him the go ahead. I hope for the best.

Tip #4 Paint dries differently (usually darker) than it goes on.

So in the end, while I have beautiful colors, they are all very dark. #LaundryCave The chalkboard paint was black, not traditional school house green like I assumed in my haste. And my gray is dark in the day, and the color of a grape (really, it is)  when the sun goes down. Which brings me to my final tip…

Tip #5 You can correct a too dark space with everything else in the room.

Interiors by Agostino's - Design Tips, Naples, Fl

Well you can repaint of course, but if you don’t want to spend the extra money to repaint, what can you do?

You brighten the space with everything else in the room. My “Laundry Cave” has a white washer and dryer..so I am adding white shelving and bins and a couple pink baskets for some fun color. I also plan to break up the dark walls with some white trim elements on the large dark empty wall.

So that is my very true story of how the Laundry Cave came about. By the way, I do learn from my mistakes, the when the “Laundry Cave” was finished he says “Pick out a color l will paint your daughters room today”… I grabbed a pillow from her bed and chased down one of our interior designers for proper advice. And that room is perfect!

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